Escort in Dallas

I can guarantee I will aways be remembered, in the long haul, for the quality of my sessions, not the quantity of my sessions. No one evaluates a Picasso based on the number of paintings he churned.

Do not let my shy appearance fool you. There is a tigress lurking in this slender all-American chick next door. I am an escort in Dallas and have an appetite for fun experiences. You will find me to be spirited, sophisticated, and mischievous. When you first lay eyes on me you will see an attractive, polished woman full of elegance.

Every country is on my bucket-list. I have travelled to quite a few thus far, but many more to go. What I enjoy most in life is connecting with different people, and sharing our thoughts, feelings and ideas. I am curious by nature and I am most curious about people and what makes their heart tick.